This site was created to open frank and unrestricted discussion on all topics that the politicians are afraid to discuss or that the Party's have, through pressure on leaders, evaded. It is being done because many of us realize that the anything goes Democrat party and their Monarch in the White House have placed the country in a death spiral. Worse still our Republician Party in an effort to regain power is once againtrying to create the "big tent" that has been the root cause of or losses in recent Presidential campaigns. Moderates like McCain and Romney guaranteed defeat as they went after votes that we could not get and turned their backs on many who were our natural constituency. They are abandoning our core principles and embracing policies directed toward big donors.
It is our intention to remind them that most voters value principle above politics and that no topic is going to be off the table. We will discuss the issues of Social Security, Drug Legalization, National Security, Medicare, Unions, Homosexuality, Race issues, Obamacare and more. We will not approach these issues through emotion but rather examine them from an empirical perspective in concert with logical conservatism.
If we are to preserve our great Republic we have to create a new paradigm before the GOP follows the Democrat Party down the rabbit hole and like many great civilizations before us we become a footnote in history.
Our first topic will be Social Security and Medicare which are in jeopardy.  The reason is not just because of the politicians bleeding it to pay for other items but because "We the People" were complicit in that policy.   
by CATO   3/10/2014  | Comments 1

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